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The Postindustrial Podcast

Thank you for listening to the Postindustrial Podcast, featuring conversations with newsmakers about important issues in Postindustrial America.

Oct 15, 2020

Access to health care is essential to our freedom, but it's freedom that eludes many, writes bestselling author Timothy Snyder in his newest book, "Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary."

Snyder fell gravely ill late last year, and as he clung to life he began to reflect upon the notion that without good...

Oct 3, 2020

In Season 3, Episode 1 of the Postindustrial Podcast, author and expert Seth G. Jones says that the U.S. faces an escalating threat of violence in the next year — from within.
Extremist groups fueled by the disinformation, political rhetoric, and a populace suffering added stresses of surging unemployment and the...

Sep 23, 2020

Is it sunny today or is it cloudy? Don't just ask someone— look out the window! At Postindustrial we work to find out the truth, not just ask others. Listen to this in-between season short — and come back for Season 3, coming soon!

Sep 18, 2020

We're in between seasons! But we still have an important message for you, our valued listeners. Tune in for a short! We'll start Season 3 soon and we have a tremendous line-up of guests already.

Sep 10, 2020

Thanks to you, the listeners, we've produced two season with 16 episodes the the Postindustrial Podcast. We have big plans at Postindustrial in the coming months and soon we'll launch Season 3 — listen in!